Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Open Letter to My Boyfriend

Baby, happy monthsary.

I know last night was tough, but I'm glad we're ok now.
Fights like that just emphasize the fact that I don't wanna lose you. Ever.
I know I'm far from perfect, I know you don't expect me to be, but I love you, and my greatest wish is to be the kind of girl that you can be proud to have. So please forgive me if sometimes I act wrong or say stupid stupid things. Please know that I only have the purest intentions.

I love you, and I will tell and show you everyday. Everyday. Though we are apart, I want you to know that I don't feel the distance. I just feel the love that connects us even when we are thousand miles away. I know someday we will be together and all of this will be well worth it.

Thank you for loving me, but for most of all, for being my best friend. For all the years we have been together, you have been my boyfriend, best friend, confidante, critic, clown, nurse. And I love all of that. So thank you. For sharing everything with me, may it be good or bad.

I know that between the two of us, I am, more often than I would like to publicly admit, the emotional one. I hope you don't get tired of the crying, the dramas that goes with loving somebody like me.

I am so lucky to have a guy like you love a girl like me. It is truly one of the greatest gift Gode has ever given me. I feel happy knowing that life may throw hardships at me, but with you by my side, I have my number 1 fan to back me up.

So, thanks. For everyday that you are just a mere text away, for the countless nights we spent laughing and resting together, for the fights, for the hundreds of movies we watched during weekends, for the long talks, and the daydreaming of our future in between.

I love you Alexander Jay Corrales. You are, and always will be, the greatest love of my life.

Your future wife,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leap of Faith

After almost 2 years of not writing, I'm baaaack! :)

Too many things have happened to me since the last time I wrote here.

Two major things:
1. Worked as an Marketing Assistant for a well-known Pharma Company, and after almost 8 mos. I realized the corporate world is not for me. Thus..
2. I am now a nursing student! :P

Some would say I am too old to go back to school, sayang everything that I worked hard for. But you know what? Screw them. I finally found what I love to do.

Going back to school was awkward at first. I felt I was already too old to mingle with fresh from high school students. But guess what? Suprisingly, I have adjusted really well. Life is good.

Never in a million years did I imagined myself as a nurse someday. Kung sana early pa lang I took up Nursing na, then I would probably working in a reputable hospital now. But I cannot change the past, I could only move forward. And that's what I'm doing now. (Thanks to my Mom and Dad for sponsoring my college education, uhm, again.)

The only thing that I hate right now is my honest-to-goodness ugly uniform. I feel like a high school student again. That is why I always make it a point to wear cardigans or jackets to at least camouflage the stark whiteness of my polo blouse. Did I mention ugly?

The upside is, I got to apply for the school paper again. And I am in charge of the second issue (Aug-Sept) to be published. So I thought I'd polish my writing skills by reviving my blog. Wish me luck. Sometimes, I'm so ningas-cogon.

I hope that once you read this, you follow me or at least check form time to time.